The Shattered Gates of Slaughtergarde

Day 1 - Sumberton

Where the adventure begins

The party joined up while on the road to Sumberton (from Riverbend). Some knew each other already, while others joined the party for companionship, mutual safety or common interests. They each have their own reasons for travelling to Sumberton – some are shared freely with their new companions, while other motivations are not revealed. The sun was setting on a warm autumn evening by the time they reached Sumberton. Sumberton Keep dominated the skyline above the city, while the Great Obelisk jutted up on the other side of the river. Although obelisks are common throughout the valley, this one is larger and more impressive than most.

Once in Sumberton, they sought out an Inn that had been recommended by the guards and some other travelers – the Sly Wink. In the square outside the inn, Gundahar attempted to demonstrate his prowess with the mandolin, but failed to impress with his lack-lustre performance. However, it was sufficient a distraction for the light-fingered Anastacia to work the crowd, removing coins, a key and a note from various bemused spectators.

Once in the Inn, they met up with the barman and Inn owner, Old Man Shiggetam. After booking themselves into rooms and freshening-up after the long journey, they returned downstairs for dinner and to gather information about the city.

Maloch, who had entered the city disguised as a human, removed his disguise before dinner and set out to make a nuisance of himself (as he is want to do), by finding someone to disturb. He targeted an elderly woman, wearing a pale pink jacket and small round glasses, who was sitting quietly on her own writing notes. Maloch proceeding to sit down, uninvited and struck up a conversation with her. He blustered his way through several tall stories, seeking less to impress than to irritate, until eventually she was “rescued” by her dinner companion – an elderly man in a grey cloak (who stared at Maloch – perhaps with suspicion, perhaps simply filing away his visage for future reference). Maloch didn’t bother to ask either of them their names.

Rick and Adrik struck up a conversation with Shiggetam. After discussing opportunities for adventurers, they decided that guarding a caravan sounded promising and Shiggetam agreed to reach out to the Chicane Guildhouse (which runs most of the transport and trade in the city) to see if they had need of support. They learned a bit about the area including the ruler of the city (Lord Carstellan), the fact that while the city is peaceful, it isn’t without its issues (some thieving, some murders, some rivalry and feuds etc.)

The next morning the party spread out to explore the city.

Anastacia found a jewelry store (Oakleaf Shoppe) which she cased for potential thievery. It was run by two elves, one of whom appeared to be a wizard. They sell both decorative and magical jewelry. The proprietor also pointed out two other jewelry stores that may be of interest (Marrika of the Discerning Eye – for gnomish styled creations and Hearth Street Jewelers – for a wide range of more mass produced jewelry).

Adrik and Rick found a bookstore, the Scriveners Guildhouse, that appeared to be run by the woman that Maloch was annoying the night before. She confirmed that they dealt primarily with rare books and scrolls, including magical scrolls and spell books. The store had several tables where scholars were reading, writing and transcribing notes and books.



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