The Shattered Gates of Slaughtergarde

Session 3 - Deeper into the dungeon

The party decided to withdraw briefly from the dungeon, in order to remove the trade goods that they had recovered already, as well as to regroup with the other two members of the party. With a little bit of to and fro’ing between the cavern, the campsite (where the goblins had burned the trade wagon), and Sumberton, the party managed to reunite, return the goods to Sumberton, and set up an agreement with a hired wagon driver to meet them again the next day (hopefully to receive a the remaining recovered goods.) They then returned to the cave.

After initially opening the barred copper clad doors in the north and looking in to the room, the party decided that they didn’t like the look of the grooves in the ceiling and the scratches on the floor. This, combined with the painted warning on the door was enough to persuade them to close the door again and leave it for another time.

Amastacia scouted the corridor to the west and heard voices coming from further down the corridor. The rest of the party moved up but the goblins down this corridor were alerted and ran to get help. A battle ensued, during which two of the goblins were slain, one was captured but one fled. The captured goblin appeared to be helpful as he begged for mercy, and was willing to share that the cavern system contained about 20 or so goblins (although it wasn’t clear if this included the ones killed so far or not). Also he said that they frequently go out on raids and patrols, so there may not always be a full complement in the caverns. He admitted that they hadn’t build these passageways and rooms – they had simply found them and were using them initially as a raiding base of operations, with the intention to bring their families here and set up a more permanent lair in the near future. On questioning, he said that some of the Sumberton trade goods were taken down the other passage to the east – but he doesn’t know how many of where they ended up. The party manacled him to the chains in the room that looked like a combination of a storeroom and jail. They decided to explore the eastern corridor. Amastacia scouted ahead again, with Aesir close behind and the rest of the party following. The end of the corridor turned south into a rough open cave with a muddy floor. Anastacia noticed something that glittered in the far corner of the room. Approaching carefully she realised that the glittering was actuallly the light reflecting off a very large lizards scales. Ignoring the lizard’s warning hisses, she approached closer until eventually it attacked – leaping up and clamping its jaws on her upper body. Amastacia fell, mortally wounded, and the rest of the party rushed to her aid (as fast as the muddy terrain would allow. The lizard was rapidly dispatched, and Amastacia was revived. Crossing the cavern, the party opened another set of copper clad double doors, that revealed a narrow (5ft) corridor leading to the east. As the party moved cautiously down this corridor, they heard a voice and a low, guttural growling sound. Before long, two giant hyenas came bounding down the corridor, clearly intent on eating whoever stood in their path. Hampered by the narrow corridor, the party retreated back to the cavern to plan their next move. After removing one of the copper clad doors,


… and then we used the door as a shield, advancing down the corridor. (But I can’t remember if we fought the hounds…?)


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