Amastacia Starflower

Female Wood-Elf, Rogue


Strength 8 (-1)
Dexterity 19 (4)
Constitution 13 (
Intelligence 17 (3)
Wisdom 10 (0)
Charisma 14 (

Size: M, 35’ speed.
Languages: Common, Elvish.

Chaotic good.

Rogue level 1
Proficiency bonus +2

Double proficiency with chosen skills/tools (Stealth and Thieves’ Tools)
Sneak Attack (1d6)
Knows Thieve’s Cant.

Charlatan background
- Can forge documents after seeing a copy.

Proficiencies: Light armour, Longswords, shortswords, shortbows, longbows. Simple weapons, hand crossbows, rapiers.
Tool proficiencies: Thieves’ Tools, Disguise kit, forgery kit.

Saving throws: Dexterity and Intelligence

Skills: Acrobatics, Deception, Insight, Intimidation, Perception, Sleight of Hand, Stealth

Equipment: Leather armour, 2xDaggers, Thieves’ Tools, Rapier, Shortbow and 20 arrows, burglar’s pack, disguise kit, ten bottels of colored ink, weighted dice, signet ring of a fake duke and marked cards, fine clohes and belt pouch, rations for 5 days, waterskin and 30’ of hemp rope.

Rapier 1d8 slashing damage
Shortbow 1d6


Background: Charlatan

Due to knowing how to play the odds and how to use people’s flaws against them has made Amastacia quite the effective conwoman. She knows how to hustle with the best of them and makes new schemes up as easily as most people change their clothes.
People can be too trusting, but some do call her out on her quite public stunts.
This however doesn’t bother her too much as she uses these outlandish stunts to cover the more secretive parts of her trade.

Personality: I pocket anything I see that might have some value.
Ideal: Material goods come and go. Bonds of friendship last forever.
Bond: I come from a noble family, and one day I’ll reclaim my
lands and title from those who stole them from me.
Flaw: I’m convinced that no one could ever fool me the way
I fool others.


Amastacia comes from a large noble family, quite an oddity in elvish communities. She is the youngest of 7 children and the only daughter to a duke and duchess. The day Amastacia reached adolescence, her mother revealed a dark family secret to her.

She was to be a jack of all trades, a murderer of men and a general woman of mystery, as all the woman of their family have been before her. This shocked Amastacia, but it made sense to her finally why her mother had been absent for some significant moments in her life which tied to even greater moments in the area they lived in, such as corrupt business leaders dying of unknown causes.

Amastacia then started learning the skills that she would need for her new life. She trained at the best schools her mother knew of and her mother insured that Amastacia will be able to acquire a wide range of skills. Amastacia surprised most of her teachers with her uncanny ability of using her environment and her wits to eliminate targets, cause distractions or even impersonate other people to be able to get closer to marks so she could steal valuable information.

Amastacia has finally passed all the tests set for her by her teachers and mentors, and now faces a final test. She has to accomplish a task set by her mother, to show she is capable of taking the moniker of her ancestors, the Scarlet Starflower.

Her test has her following a exiled member of one of the dark elf temples in the area, she has to find out everything she can of her query and then decide if they should meet with a swift death or be taken back for justice to be served.

Amastacia Starflower

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