The Shattered Gates of Slaughtergarde

Session 7: Back in Sumberton

The party returned to Sumberton, triumphant after their successes in the goblin lair. They returned the stolen trade goods and Vintra Marktunsel rewarded them for their efforts. The remaining loot was divided up.

Shortly after returning to the Sly Wink Inn, Amastacia began feeling unwell. Eventually, with some help from Gundahar, she realised that the rat bite that she had received in the rift area of the goblin lair had been infected with Filth Fever and the disease was now spreading through her body. She retired to her room for the rest of the day and Gundahar tried to help her. By late in the evening, he eventually succeeded in curing her of the disease.

The rest of the party mostly spent time converting their loot items into gold, restocking consumed items and buying weapons and other gear. Jenny had her spellbook examined by Chendrea the White, at the Sumberton Scrivener’s Guild but eventually decided to sell it as the spells were not particularly useful to her.

Rick, Jenny and Aseir met up at Kennick’s Alehouse (a big, bustling upmarket pub and eatery) for dinner and drinks. They spent much of the evening drinking and gambling (with Aseir’s new Three Dragon Ante set). Their fortunes’ were mixed, but by the end of the evening Aseir had earned a decent amount of silver. As they were finishing up their game, Aseir and Taman spotted a familiar figure leaving the pub. Although they only saw the figures from behind, and both were wearing hooded cloaks, they were pretty certain that one of these figures was the Hobgoblin captain that they had confronted in the goblin’s lair. Although Aseir and Taman rushed out of the pub as quickly as the dense crowd would allow, the figures had disappeared by the time they got out into the street.

Taman noticed that there appeared to be various military factions present in the city. He recognized the city guard, but was interested in finding out more about a group of more professional looking soldiers who he spotted. The sergeant in charge of the squad explained that they were members of a section of the national army stationed in Sumberton (led by a Captain Morr Donellgan). Although they were not happy about the presence of Hobgoblins in the city, he explained that it wasn’t yet a crime to be a hobgoblin and as long as they kept out of mischief, there wasn’t much the military could do. He did say that he would file a report and bring it to the attention of the Luminous Order, who would be keen to investigate further.

Rick and Jenny stayed on at the pub, getting to know the locals and the very nice serving staff.

While eating breakfast at the Inn the next morning, the party were approached by Armin Harrak, who introduced himself as a member of the Luminous Order. He shared information about the history of the Valley, the Battle of Slaughtergarde and the victory in which the demonic forces of evil were forced back to their Planes. He encouraged the party to investigate the involvement of the Drow, and offered to reward them (800gp per person) if they discovered and put an end to the Drow meddling in the affairs of the Valley. He has also offered membership to the Luminous Order to those who are willing to take up arms to protect the Valley and its inhabitants against evil and unnatural elements wherever they may arise.

Aseir and Taman spent most of the next day trying to find the hobgoblins but were unsuccessful.

While in the Inn that morning, Rick, Jenny and Amastacia were each given notes asking them to meet with Naryalla at The Bloody Nose" that evening. The waitress was happy to explain that Naryalla, a well known elven bard in Sumberton, had left the notes that morning before the party awoke. The Bloody Nose is a rough pub near the riverside docks. When Rick, Jenny and Amastacia arrived at the pub, they met up with Naryalla, who was a tall, female elf, wearing a dark red cloak. She mentioned that she was aware of their recent adventures and some of the items that they had discovered. She described the nature of an organisation that she works for – the Ebon Cabal – an association of people who use and gather knowledge and use it for influence and power. While nothing about what she said seems evil, it appears that some of this group’s methods would be considered questionable by someone of inflexible moral standards. Because the party seems to be exploring interesting places, Naryalla felt that there may be mutual benefit in inviting some of them to join the Ebon Cabal. Aseir, who had followed his party members and sat down at a nearby table, overheard enough to get the gist of what was being discussed.

Session 6: Clearing the caverns

The party rested up in the barracks room in preparation for what would likely be the final efforts to clear the goblins/hobgoblins from the cavern system. Once fully restored, they entered the double doors to the east and scouted ahead. In the next room (a large, dark room with an ornate arch in the western wall), Amastacia noticed four hobgoblins that seemed to move around slowly, and without purpose. Being spotted, she quickly summonsed the others to deal with the hobgoblins. It soon became apparent that these hobgoblins were zombies. The party managed to dispatch the zombies without too much difficulty and then examined the arch more closely. Unlike the arches in other doorways, this arch was badly broken and didn’t appear to lead anywhere – it had a blank wall behind it. Some investigation revealed various symbols around the arch, but they didn’t appear to be a type of writing – rather they were more like symbolic icons.

Rick worked out that this was probably a teleportation portal of some sort. Gundahar attempted to repair part of the arch, but soon realised that this would take a long time, given the size of the arch and also that it would probably not restore the arch to “working order”. They decided to move on, given that there wasn’t anything else of interest in the room.

Passing through another demon arch in the east of the room, they could see that there was a short corridor that then opened into a room. This room was clearly the same room that the party had seen from the other side, when they were stopped by several hobgoblin guards. They could hear a voice coming from the room – a chanting incantation. However, the room was obscured by a series of cloths hanging from the ceiling – so it wasn’t clear who was in the room. Amastacia and Rick decided to scout while the other hung back in the corridor. On peaking around the draped fabric (which on closer examination seemed to be embalming cloths), Amastacia and Rick could see a hobgoblin priest praying at an alter. He was surrounded by three skeleton bodyguards and there was a hobgoblin guard on the far side of the room. The hobgoblin guard spotted Amastacia and raised the alarm. The skeletons quickly closed in on the two adventurers, jabbing at them with spears. The hobgoblin cleric targeted Rick with a spell that caused pain and internal damage and followed this up with a spell that beset him with a deep fear – causing Rick to flee the room. With all the skeletons and the hobgoblin focusing on Amastacia, it wasn’t long before she fell, wounded and unconscious. At this point, Jenny, Gundahar and Maloch entered the fray – tearing down the cloths that were obscuring line of sight, rapidly dispatching the skeletons and eventually overcoming the hobgoblin guard. In the heat of the battle, the hobgoblin cleric disappeared (perhaps magically?) Searching the room, the adventurers discovered a pile of treasure next to the alter, mostly coins, but also some candle holders, two scrolls, some silver arrowheads and a jade bracelet. There was also a small statuette which was broken, but Gundahar mended it – revealing a four armed figure, holding kris daggers in each hand. On the alter itself were two candles and a figure of a musclebound hobgoblin – seemingly the subject of worship. The party took a short rest at this point before moving to the double doors in the east of the room.

The doors were barred from the inside, so they required significant physical effort (and several minutes) to smash them apart. These doors let to a short corridor that opened into a small room. The room was fairly dark, lit only by a small candle on a desk in the north of the room. Being first in, Amastacia noticed two small, dark figures disappear into the corner of the room. The hobgoblin priest (Nambrakh) was also in the room – unarmed, and he very quickly surrendered. On being questioned, he explained that the adventurers had destroyed the goblin clan and there was no point in him resisting further. He also explained that the dark creepers were emissaries that had been sent by some drow (who he had not met) to explore the cavern system. They were particularly interested in the mirrors and the gates and the sigils and had reported back to the drow from time to time. There was a narrow crack in the corner of the room, leading to a rough stone tunnel – this was where the dark creepers had escaped.

Searching the room, the party discovered some sheets of parchment in the desk drawer. One had a drawing of the shattered arch and a note written on it in Undercommon, saying “Ruined – no salvageable sigils”, and another was a map showing a forest, with a path leading through it to a marked cabin. The map was titled “Surrinak Hunting Lodge” and there were annotations on the map “trapdoor hearthstone”, " stairs leading down", and “demon arch”. Surrinak_Hunting_Lodge.jpgWhile some of the party were looking at the scrolls, the priest made a dash for the tunnel. Maloch attempted to stop the priest but he managed to slip into the tunnel and flee. Amastacia chased after him for a while but eventually gave up after she was unable to catch up with him. The rest of the party joined her and they followed the tunnel up to the surface where they emerged in the woods – not far from the clearing where they would meet the wagon at noon.

Session 5: Strange Beasts and Unusual Devices

After dealing with the giant rats, Aesir and Jenny decided to spend some time moving the treasure from the hiding place to the clearing where the driver would meet them in a few hours. The rest of the party agreed to press on and the plan was to meet up once the wagon driver had left for Sumberton.

The party crossed a small wooden bridge which led to a short, steep staircase. Amastacia stealthily ascended the staircase and discovered a room with 4 mirrors on the wall (each with softly glowing frames), and a large pit on one side. The rest of the party joined her and, on looking into the pit, noticed a large creature, that appeared to be built of stone, carrying a huge two bladed stone sword.


This creature was walking slowly around the room, avoiding several glowing sigils that were inscribed on the floor. Although it noticed the party, it ignored them and carried on its slow walk around the room. Rick realised that the sigils were some sort of magical gates for summonsing or teleporting.

Turning their attention to the mirrors, they noticed that all of the mirrors were old and somewhat damaged. Two of the mirrors didn’t reflect at all. However, one mirror, instead of reflecting, seemed to show a room beyond, with piles of broken armour on the floor and a large (dog sized) metallic beetle crouched in the middle of the room. The other mirror flickered occasionally, and showed three different scenes – one of a beautiful dark haired woman approaching the mirror, another of a giant toad like creature opening up its huge maw and a third of a cloaked, hooded man, features obscured, approaching the mirror and gesturing (angrily?) at it. These scenes repeated in an endless loop. Gundahar tried to mend one of the broken mirrors, but even once the glass cracks had been mended, the mirror didn’t operate. The mirrors were firmly fixed to the walls and it didn’t appear possible to remove them without damaging them further.

Amastacia then descended into the pit (there was a ladder nearby) and engaged the creature in a brief conversation. The creature spoke in a deep booming voice and warned Amastacia that she should leave the pit. She established that it wouldn’t object to her crossing the room as long as she avoided the sigils on the floor. The rest of the party followed swiftly and climbed a ladder on the other side, where they were confronted by another strange creature. This one looked like a large dog, but covered in giant porcupine like quills:


Although it ran at them aggressively, it seemed to be constrained by a labyrinth-like glowing pattern on the floor. By splitting up, the party managed to distract the creature down different labyrinth paths and they bypassed it without needing to engage in combat.

At the end of the hall with the labyrinth, there was a landing/mezzanine level where three goblins appeared and began hurling javelins at the party. Because the goblins were completely incapable of using javelins effectively, the party was able to kill all the goblins through a combination of arrows, flaming bolts and melee combat. They searched the landing (which was clearly a barracks room), and discovered four locked chests. Amastacia managed to open two of these and discovered some gold coins as well as a pair of earrings (which she pocketed for herself). Taman clubbed at one chest with his wood axe, butchering the chest in the process, until eventually it burst apart in a heap of splinters. There were some goblin clothes and (more puzzlingly) a shattered ivory figurine. No one could work out why a goblin would carefully lock away an obviously worthless destroyed figurine. Gundahar applied his smithing tools to the last chest and managed to beak open the lock – revealing a very fine porcelain plate.

Although the landing had a set of now-familiar copper clad doors, the party left these and descended the stairs on the other side. Here they found a room with a large wooden table in the middle and a set of strange implements hanging from the wall. The implements included hammers, forceps, scalpels, daggers. All of them were blood soaked and seemed to be constantly oozing blood, which ran down the wall and seeped into a drain in the floor. Taman experimented with using one of the daggers on a goblin corpse, but it didn’t appear to be anything other than a very finely made dagger (apart from the fact that it continually oozed blood). The table was piled with about 100 shortbow arrows but, under these, it was clear that the table was soaked in (old, dried) blood.

Passing through this room, the party then came across the barred, double doors that were on the other side of the room that they had seen earlier (it was the room adjoining the jail/storeroom). The walls on either side were lit with braziers (possibly magic light, because it didn’t seem as if anyone was maintaining them). Gundahar examined the room for traps, but couldn’t detect anything. However, as soon as he stepped into the room, a large scythe-like blade pendulum’ed down from the grooves in the ceiling, swung across the room and (narrowly missing him) disappeared back into the ceiling. Not seeing any real value in crossing this room (because they knew what was on the other side) the party returned to the goblin barracks room on the landing to tackle the double doors. From their maps, they could see that they were not far from the room where they had met the hobgoblins and dark creeper – so they decided it may be more prudent to wait for Aesir and Jenny to return before pressing onwards.

Session 4: Mudpits and Hobgoblins

The party rested up in the Library (making use of the hammocks that were there already). They blocked the doorways with bookshelves to prevent unexpected visitors from surprising them. There was one disturbance in the night when a goblin came looking for his companion, but he left once Rick shouted at him.

After the rest, the party searched the remains of the books and recovered 8 books that were in reasonable condition, that could fetch a decent price at Sumberton Scrivenors Warehouse. Gündahar examined the southern passageway (which ended abruptly in a rock face) and was puzzled by the fact that the passage didn’t seem to have been built up to the rock face. Rather it seems as if the rock face had intruded into the passage (or the passage had intruded into the rock face). This was similar to the way the cavern with the monitor lizard had simply appeared in the middle of the constructed passages. Taman compared the style and age of the construction in this cavern system with what he had seen of the rest of the Valley (as well as what he had seen in his other travels) and came to the conclusion that:
1. This set of tunnels was completely foreign to anything he had seen before (particularly the demonic arches and the styling on the copper clad doors).
2. Although the obelisks seemed to be based on known elven, human and dwarvish construction styles this cavern system was very different.
3. It appears as if the stonework (and the books and carpets etc.) here was a similar age to that of the Obelisks – at least several hundred years old, but probably not thousands of years old.

The party then moved aside the bookshelves and proceeded up the steeply sloped tunnel (of natural rock). The tunnel opened into a small cavern in which a mud pit spanned from wall to wall. There were planks creating a path across the treacherous mud that were clearly used by the other inhabitants of the cave system. Rick, Amastacia and Maloch demonstrated their acrobatic skills by running across the precarious plank path without falling. Aesir took a dive into the mud but was rescued by Rick before he drowned (it appeared very difficult to swim the the sticky, sucking mud). Taman had a couple of unsuccessful attempts to negotiate the path and was in the process of being rescued by Gündahar when Rick and Amastacia were attacked by a couple of goblins that had snuck up on them from the northern side of the passage. Rick took a javelin through the shoulder, but the two goblins were dispatched swiftly. Taman was rescued and the muddied party began to move northwards again.

Amastacia, who was scouting ahead, noticed a light ahead so she snuck a peak around the corner. There were three large figures, silhouetted against the light a several lanterns – clearly prepared and ready to face the party as they emerged from the tunnel. Gündahar and Jenny decided that rather than simply trying to kill everything they encountered, perhaps they should try talking their way past. They emerged cautiously at the end of the corridor and were ordered to halt. There were three large hobgoblin guards blocking the entrance to what appeared to be a room beyond them (although it was difficult to see clearly past the lights that were directed at the tunnel exit). The hobgoblins were very interested in Jenny and asked if she were part of “the other group of drow”. It appeared that there was a representative/emissary from “the other drow” who was visiting this cave system. They dispatched a runner to fetch the emissary. When he arrived, Jenny recognized him to be a Dark Creeper – a small, pallid, large nosed, hooved creature that drow sometimes use to perform specific roles for them (like messengers, thieves, agents, spies, emissaries). The Dark Creeper quickly established that Jenny was not part of “his drow” and declared that she must be an outcast – and he therefore had no interest in her. He then left.

The party decided that it may be difficult to tackle three hobgoblins who were clearly well prepared for a fight, so they retreated back down the tunnel. They collected the Chicane Guild trade goods and moved them back to the entrance hall. They discovered that the goblin that they had manacled in the jail was no longer there – he had either escaped or been freed. The party pushed westward, down the stairs where they discovered the barracks room – which had been abandoned. There were numerous boxes and bags of trade goods in this room, including three Chicane Guild crates. The party decided to spend an hour moving all the valuable goods as well as the crates and hiding them in the woods, just beyond the cavern entrance in the box canyon. Returning to the barracks, they pushed on westwards again. They soon came across another “dislocation” where the constructed tunnel ended and they found themselves in a rift in the rock than ran north/south. Someone had constructed a type of suspension bridge to cross the rift, where it became possible to move north or south on a raised earthern pathway. Amastacia climbed down to the base where the rift ran next to the earthern pathway and the party moved northwards.

Before long, Amastacia was attacked by three evil looking giant rats. Two actually bypassed her and scuttle up the earthern bank to launch themselves at the rest f the party. The rats were all killed swiftly – but not before Amastacia suffered a rather nasty bite on the thigh.

Session 3 - Deeper into the dungeon

The party decided to withdraw briefly from the dungeon, in order to remove the trade goods that they had recovered already, as well as to regroup with the other two members of the party. With a little bit of to and fro’ing between the cavern, the campsite (where the goblins had burned the trade wagon), and Sumberton, the party managed to reunite, return the goods to Sumberton, and set up an agreement with a hired wagon driver to meet them again the next day (hopefully to receive a the remaining recovered goods.) They then returned to the cave.

After initially opening the barred copper clad doors in the north and looking in to the room, the party decided that they didn’t like the look of the grooves in the ceiling and the scratches on the floor. This, combined with the painted warning on the door was enough to persuade them to close the door again and leave it for another time.

Amastacia scouted the corridor to the west and heard voices coming from further down the corridor. The rest of the party moved up but the goblins down this corridor were alerted and ran to get help. A battle ensued, during which two of the goblins were slain, one was captured but one fled. The captured goblin appeared to be helpful as he begged for mercy, and was willing to share that the cavern system contained about 20 or so goblins (although it wasn’t clear if this included the ones killed so far or not). Also he said that they frequently go out on raids and patrols, so there may not always be a full complement in the caverns. He admitted that they hadn’t build these passageways and rooms – they had simply found them and were using them initially as a raiding base of operations, with the intention to bring their families here and set up a more permanent lair in the near future. On questioning, he said that some of the Sumberton trade goods were taken down the other passage to the east – but he doesn’t know how many of where they ended up. The party manacled him to the chains in the room that looked like a combination of a storeroom and jail. They decided to explore the eastern corridor. Amastacia scouted ahead again, with Aesir close behind and the rest of the party following. The end of the corridor turned south into a rough open cave with a muddy floor. Anastacia noticed something that glittered in the far corner of the room. Approaching carefully she realised that the glittering was actuallly the light reflecting off a very large lizards scales. Ignoring the lizard’s warning hisses, she approached closer until eventually it attacked – leaping up and clamping its jaws on her upper body. Amastacia fell, mortally wounded, and the rest of the party rushed to her aid (as fast as the muddy terrain would allow. The lizard was rapidly dispatched, and Amastacia was revived. Crossing the cavern, the party opened another set of copper clad double doors, that revealed a narrow (5ft) corridor leading to the east. As the party moved cautiously down this corridor, they heard a voice and a low, guttural growling sound. Before long, two giant hyenas came bounding down the corridor, clearly intent on eating whoever stood in their path. Hampered by the narrow corridor, the party retreated back to the cavern to plan their next move. After removing one of the copper clad doors,

Session 2 - Recovering the stolen trade goods

The party spent most of the morning investigating the City of Sumberton, finding shops and exploring landmarks (like the giant obelisk). After returning to the Sly Wink for lunch, they ended up sharing a table with a somewhat grizzled, bearded fighter who introduced himself as Aseir Rein He was looking for work too, so they agreed to join forces.

After a decent meal and some fine wines and ale, Shiggetam brought them news that the Chicane Guild of the Boatmasters was interested in acquiring their services, and told them to expect a visit from an agent of the guild shortly. An hour or so later, a halfling representative of the Chicane Guild (Vintra Marktunsel) arrived at the bar. She explained that a caravan of trade goods was ambushed by some goblins on the road south of Sumberton (near the Kurkle Ridge). She offered to pay 200gp (100gp in advance) for the safe return of the crates of trade goods (and implied that any other unclaimed loot that was recovered could make this a lucrative assignment).

The next morning the party (excluding Gundahar and Amastacia, who were absent) set off on the road towards Tulvercross. They found the site of the ambush, and determined that the wagon had been driven off the road, into the Kurkle Hills to the East. Following the trail, they came across a clearing where it became apparent that the ambushers had slaughtered the horses, burned the wagon and eaten at least part of the meat before leaving (presumably carrying the crates of loot with them). The party followed the trail into a box canyon where they discovered at the end of the canyon, an opening that led to a steeply downward sloping passage. They followed the passage downwards to where it opened out into a room, with heavy copper clad doors, lit by a couple of torches and guarded by two menacing hobgoblins – who were armed with vicious war picks. The party reacted quickest – attacking the hobgoblin impalers immediately. Aseir boldly rushed in to engage the hobgoblins at close range, and while he landed a blow, he was immediately impaled and suffered a mortal wound. The rest of the party fought back and eventually overcame the two hobgoblins. While trying to revive Aseir, Malloch was pierced between the shoulder blades with an arrow shot by a sneaky hobgoblin archer who had been hidden in an alcove on one side of the room. The goblin archer was swiftly dispatched by Rick, Taman and Jenny with a combination of arrows and magical bolts of fire and energy. Once Aseir had been revived, the bodies were searched and some coins were found. Worried that the fight may have attracted attention in the next room, Aseir then opened the large copper doors carefully – revealing a room filled with sacks and crates, a table and chairs and some chains and manacles bolted to the walls. On entering the room and investigating the table, the party was attacked by three goblins who had hidden behind the crates and sacks. Hurling javelins, they managed to deal a critical wound to Rick, who fell to the floor, bleeding badly. The goblins were dispatched fairly swiftly, Rick was revived and the party started examining the room.

Although the goblins has no treasure on them, one had a small key (like a padlock or chest key).

It was apparent that the room had been used as a prison to manacle prisoners of various sizes. There were also two large arches over the passages to the east and west, shaped to appear as huge demonic fanged mouths. This was clearly not the work of goblin or hobgoblin architects.

The piles of loot contained 3 Chicane Guild crates of spices (identifiable by the City of Sumberton moon-and-sheaf sigil). There were also a dozen sacks of various trade goods of lesser value (approx 100gp worth). It will require a wagon to carry all these goods in one trip.

On the table in the middle of the room is a fine set of Three Dragon Ante cards and 150sp of gambling wagers.

Day 1 - Sumberton
Where the adventure begins

The party joined up while on the road to Sumberton (from Riverbend). Some knew each other already, while others joined the party for companionship, mutual safety or common interests. They each have their own reasons for travelling to Sumberton – some are shared freely with their new companions, while other motivations are not revealed. The sun was setting on a warm autumn evening by the time they reached Sumberton. Sumberton Keep dominated the skyline above the city, while the Great Obelisk jutted up on the other side of the river. Although obelisks are common throughout the valley, this one is larger and more impressive than most.

Once in Sumberton, they sought out an Inn that had been recommended by the guards and some other travelers – the Sly Wink. In the square outside the inn, Gundahar attempted to demonstrate his prowess with the mandolin, but failed to impress with his lack-lustre performance. However, it was sufficient a distraction for the light-fingered Anastacia to work the crowd, removing coins, a key and a note from various bemused spectators.

Once in the Inn, they met up with the barman and Inn owner, Old Man Shiggetam. After booking themselves into rooms and freshening-up after the long journey, they returned downstairs for dinner and to gather information about the city.

Maloch, who had entered the city disguised as a human, removed his disguise before dinner and set out to make a nuisance of himself (as he is want to do), by finding someone to disturb. He targeted an elderly woman, wearing a pale pink jacket and small round glasses, who was sitting quietly on her own writing notes. Maloch proceeding to sit down, uninvited and struck up a conversation with her. He blustered his way through several tall stories, seeking less to impress than to irritate, until eventually she was “rescued” by her dinner companion – an elderly man in a grey cloak (who stared at Maloch – perhaps with suspicion, perhaps simply filing away his visage for future reference). Maloch didn’t bother to ask either of them their names.

Rick and Adrik struck up a conversation with Shiggetam. After discussing opportunities for adventurers, they decided that guarding a caravan sounded promising and Shiggetam agreed to reach out to the Chicane Guildhouse (which runs most of the transport and trade in the city) to see if they had need of support. They learned a bit about the area including the ruler of the city (Lord Carstellan), the fact that while the city is peaceful, it isn’t without its issues (some thieving, some murders, some rivalry and feuds etc.)

The next morning the party spread out to explore the city.

Anastacia found a jewelry store (Oakleaf Shoppe) which she cased for potential thievery. It was run by two elves, one of whom appeared to be a wizard. They sell both decorative and magical jewelry. The proprietor also pointed out two other jewelry stores that may be of interest (Marrika of the Discerning Eye – for gnomish styled creations and Hearth Street Jewelers – for a wide range of more mass produced jewelry).

Adrik and Rick found a bookstore, the Scriveners Guildhouse, that appeared to be run by the woman that Maloch was annoying the night before. She confirmed that they dealt primarily with rare books and scrolls, including magical scrolls and spell books. The store had several tables where scholars were reading, writing and transcribing notes and books.

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