The Shattered Gates of Slaughtergarde

Session 4: Mudpits and Hobgoblins

The party rested up in the Library (making use of the hammocks that were there already). They blocked the doorways with bookshelves to prevent unexpected visitors from surprising them. There was one disturbance in the night when a goblin came looking for his companion, but he left once Rick shouted at him.

After the rest, the party searched the remains of the books and recovered 8 books that were in reasonable condition, that could fetch a decent price at Sumberton Scrivenors Warehouse. Gündahar examined the southern passageway (which ended abruptly in a rock face) and was puzzled by the fact that the passage didn’t seem to have been built up to the rock face. Rather it seems as if the rock face had intruded into the passage (or the passage had intruded into the rock face). This was similar to the way the cavern with the monitor lizard had simply appeared in the middle of the constructed passages. Taman compared the style and age of the construction in this cavern system with what he had seen of the rest of the Valley (as well as what he had seen in his other travels) and came to the conclusion that:
1. This set of tunnels was completely foreign to anything he had seen before (particularly the demonic arches and the styling on the copper clad doors).
2. Although the obelisks seemed to be based on known elven, human and dwarvish construction styles this cavern system was very different.
3. It appears as if the stonework (and the books and carpets etc.) here was a similar age to that of the Obelisks – at least several hundred years old, but probably not thousands of years old.

The party then moved aside the bookshelves and proceeded up the steeply sloped tunnel (of natural rock). The tunnel opened into a small cavern in which a mud pit spanned from wall to wall. There were planks creating a path across the treacherous mud that were clearly used by the other inhabitants of the cave system. Rick, Amastacia and Maloch demonstrated their acrobatic skills by running across the precarious plank path without falling. Aesir took a dive into the mud but was rescued by Rick before he drowned (it appeared very difficult to swim the the sticky, sucking mud). Taman had a couple of unsuccessful attempts to negotiate the path and was in the process of being rescued by Gündahar when Rick and Amastacia were attacked by a couple of goblins that had snuck up on them from the northern side of the passage. Rick took a javelin through the shoulder, but the two goblins were dispatched swiftly. Taman was rescued and the muddied party began to move northwards again.

Amastacia, who was scouting ahead, noticed a light ahead so she snuck a peak around the corner. There were three large figures, silhouetted against the light a several lanterns – clearly prepared and ready to face the party as they emerged from the tunnel. Gündahar and Jenny decided that rather than simply trying to kill everything they encountered, perhaps they should try talking their way past. They emerged cautiously at the end of the corridor and were ordered to halt. There were three large hobgoblin guards blocking the entrance to what appeared to be a room beyond them (although it was difficult to see clearly past the lights that were directed at the tunnel exit). The hobgoblins were very interested in Jenny and asked if she were part of “the other group of drow”. It appeared that there was a representative/emissary from “the other drow” who was visiting this cave system. They dispatched a runner to fetch the emissary. When he arrived, Jenny recognized him to be a Dark Creeper – a small, pallid, large nosed, hooved creature that drow sometimes use to perform specific roles for them (like messengers, thieves, agents, spies, emissaries). The Dark Creeper quickly established that Jenny was not part of “his drow” and declared that she must be an outcast – and he therefore had no interest in her. He then left.

The party decided that it may be difficult to tackle three hobgoblins who were clearly well prepared for a fight, so they retreated back down the tunnel. They collected the Chicane Guild trade goods and moved them back to the entrance hall. They discovered that the goblin that they had manacled in the jail was no longer there – he had either escaped or been freed. The party pushed westward, down the stairs where they discovered the barracks room – which had been abandoned. There were numerous boxes and bags of trade goods in this room, including three Chicane Guild crates. The party decided to spend an hour moving all the valuable goods as well as the crates and hiding them in the woods, just beyond the cavern entrance in the box canyon. Returning to the barracks, they pushed on westwards again. They soon came across another “dislocation” where the constructed tunnel ended and they found themselves in a rift in the rock than ran north/south. Someone had constructed a type of suspension bridge to cross the rift, where it became possible to move north or south on a raised earthern pathway. Amastacia climbed down to the base where the rift ran next to the earthern pathway and the party moved northwards.

Before long, Amastacia was attacked by three evil looking giant rats. Two actually bypassed her and scuttle up the earthern bank to launch themselves at the rest f the party. The rats were all killed swiftly – but not before Amastacia suffered a rather nasty bite on the thigh.


It was actually Jenny Stoneheart who commanded the goblin to leave in the middle of the night. We assumed it was because she was a drow, confirmed when we later learnt the goblins were under the command of drow.

Session 4: Mudpits and Hobgoblins

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