Armin Harrak

Luminary Captain, male, human, paladin


Armin Harrak is a male, human paladin within the Luminous Order. He has devoted his life to the Order, and is tasked with rooting out evil, undead, unnatural and other similar forces before they bring pain and suffering to the people of the Valley. He is based in Sumberton, and acts as a recruiter, local representative and team leader for the Order.

Armin has shared information about the history of the Valley, the Battle of Slaughtergarde and the victory in which the demonic forces of evil were forced back to their Planes. He has expressed in interest in finding out more about the section of building that the party found and will send a squad to investigate. He has encouraged the party to investigate the involvement of the Drow, and has offered to reward them for this. He has also offered membership to the Luminous Order to those who are willing to take up arms to protect the Valley and its inhabitants against evil and unnatural elements wherever they may arise.


Armin Harrak

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