The Shattered Gates of Slaughtergarde

Session 7: Back in Sumberton

The party returned to Sumberton, triumphant after their successes in the goblin lair. They returned the stolen trade goods and Vintra Marktunsel rewarded them for their efforts. The remaining loot was divided up.

Shortly after returning to the Sly Wink Inn, Amastacia began feeling unwell. Eventually, with some help from Gundahar, she realised that the rat bite that she had received in the rift area of the goblin lair had been infected with Filth Fever and the disease was now spreading through her body. She retired to her room for the rest of the day and Gundahar tried to help her. By late in the evening, he eventually succeeded in curing her of the disease.

The rest of the party mostly spent time converting their loot items into gold, restocking consumed items and buying weapons and other gear. Jenny had her spellbook examined by Chendrea the White, at the Sumberton Scrivener’s Guild but eventually decided to sell it as the spells were not particularly useful to her.

Rick, Jenny and Aseir met up at Kennick’s Alehouse (a big, bustling upmarket pub and eatery) for dinner and drinks. They spent much of the evening drinking and gambling (with Aseir’s new Three Dragon Ante set). Their fortunes’ were mixed, but by the end of the evening Aseir had earned a decent amount of silver. As they were finishing up their game, Aseir and Taman spotted a familiar figure leaving the pub. Although they only saw the figures from behind, and both were wearing hooded cloaks, they were pretty certain that one of these figures was the Hobgoblin captain that they had confronted in the goblin’s lair. Although Aseir and Taman rushed out of the pub as quickly as the dense crowd would allow, the figures had disappeared by the time they got out into the street.

Taman noticed that there appeared to be various military factions present in the city. He recognized the city guard, but was interested in finding out more about a group of more professional looking soldiers who he spotted. The sergeant in charge of the squad explained that they were members of a section of the national army stationed in Sumberton (led by a Captain Morr Donellgan). Although they were not happy about the presence of Hobgoblins in the city, he explained that it wasn’t yet a crime to be a hobgoblin and as long as they kept out of mischief, there wasn’t much the military could do. He did say that he would file a report and bring it to the attention of the Luminous Order, who would be keen to investigate further.

Rick and Jenny stayed on at the pub, getting to know the locals and the very nice serving staff.

While eating breakfast at the Inn the next morning, the party were approached by Armin Harrak, who introduced himself as a member of the Luminous Order. He shared information about the history of the Valley, the Battle of Slaughtergarde and the victory in which the demonic forces of evil were forced back to their Planes. He encouraged the party to investigate the involvement of the Drow, and offered to reward them (800gp per person) if they discovered and put an end to the Drow meddling in the affairs of the Valley. He has also offered membership to the Luminous Order to those who are willing to take up arms to protect the Valley and its inhabitants against evil and unnatural elements wherever they may arise.

Aseir and Taman spent most of the next day trying to find the hobgoblins but were unsuccessful.

While in the Inn that morning, Rick, Jenny and Amastacia were each given notes asking them to meet with Naryalla at The Bloody Nose" that evening. The waitress was happy to explain that Naryalla, a well known elven bard in Sumberton, had left the notes that morning before the party awoke. The Bloody Nose is a rough pub near the riverside docks. When Rick, Jenny and Amastacia arrived at the pub, they met up with Naryalla, who was a tall, female elf, wearing a dark red cloak. She mentioned that she was aware of their recent adventures and some of the items that they had discovered. She described the nature of an organisation that she works for – the Ebon Cabal – an association of people who use and gather knowledge and use it for influence and power. While nothing about what she said seems evil, it appears that some of this group’s methods would be considered questionable by someone of inflexible moral standards. Because the party seems to be exploring interesting places, Naryalla felt that there may be mutual benefit in inviting some of them to join the Ebon Cabal. Aseir, who had followed his party members and sat down at a nearby table, overheard enough to get the gist of what was being discussed.


Aseir definitely doesn’t trust this Naryalla woman, and finds it suspicious she is dealing specifically with a suspected thief (Jenny) and a generally disruptable character like the drow warlock… but you y’know, everyone should be treated with diginity and respect…

Armin Harrak and his Luminous Order seem a little fancy for a common shepherd like Aseir, so at the moment he feels no particular attraction to working with either of them, although the threat of the drow and the 800gp reward is tempting.

Session 7: Back in Sumberton

Naryalla is generally a good judge of character, and the fact that she didn’t invite you to join the Ebon Cabal should be a good indicator that perhaps it isn’t your cup of tea. But she won’t hold that against you. After all, the world is made up of influencers and the influenced. And if there weren’t any of the latter, then the former wouldn’t have much to do ;-)

“Common shepherd”? I would have though being a follower of Torm, the God of War, who has ideals of courage and self-sacrifice, would be enough to make you feel some affinity to this Order – where people give up their lives to take up arms to protect the good folk of the Valley against evil? But no pressure – you can still work with them (and take their money) without joining the Order.

Session 7: Back in Sumberton

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